LATEST NEWS: Swamp Talk Now Available in the App Store

Tertl Studos is proud to announce that its first mobile game, Swamp Talk, is now available for download on the Apple App Store. Swamp talk is a new, addictive and family-friendly word game for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Visit the Swamp talk blog, Facebook page and Twitter feed to learn more.


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MISSION: change kids’ relationship with math and programming.

APPROACH: put more power in learners’ hands.

We make games, labs, lessons, and construction kits based on our math/computing environment, Tertl. Tertl is the serious tool for kids and other creative thinkers. It makes math and computing easier to learn by making them more straightforward to do and apply.

TECHNOLOGY: a whole new programming experience.

Most computer programs are text. Tertl programs are live text, which means your program can behave as you build it, and you can control, monitor, and change it as it runs. Tertl works for beginner to advanced programming. We combine this with a programming paradigm and toolsets optimized for math, games, robotics, and education.